The Gentleman Bastard Sequence

The Gentleman Bastard sequence is planned as a series of 7 novels following the life and adventures of an ingenious and subversive con artist, Locke Lamora, in a Renaissance/Elizabethan world on the decline after the former glory of the Therin Throne Empire.

Lynch announced in August 2006 that three novellas set in the same world as The Lies of Locke Lamora would be published by Subterranean Press. The first two are entitled “The Mad Baron’s Mechanical Attic” and “The Choir of Knives” and were be released in May 2009 by Gollancz in an omnibus edition entitled The Bastards and the Knives. They were originally conceived as prequels, but the author announced in March 2013 that they were being reworked to create a bridge between Book III and IV. Lynch first hinted and then confirmed that the past of Zamira Drakasha would be the subject of the third novella.

Lynch stated that there is a design for a sequel 7-book series set some 20 years later, mostly with new characters.



Book I – The Lies of Locke Lamora, released in June 2006




Book II – Red Seas Under Red Skies, released in July 2007




Book III – The Republic of Thieves, released in October 2013



Book IV – The Thorn of Emberlain, forthcoming, probably 2018 (see latest news)

Book V – The Ministry of Necessity, forthcoming

Book VI – The Mage and the Master Spy (this title will probably change as discussed here and here), forthcoming

Book VII – Inherit the Night, forthcoming

 Other Works

Lynch has published several short stories in sci-fi anthologies, including “In the Stacks” in Swords & Dark Magic (2010) and reprinted in Magic City (2014), “He Built the Wall to Know it Down” in Tales of the Far West (2012), “The Effigy Engine” in Fearsome Journeys (2013), and “A Year and a Day in Old Theradane” in Rogues (2014) and republished by Uncanny Magazine (July 2015). He also has a short piece in the June 2013 Popular Science.

On August 30, 2009, Lynch announced the release of an online pulp-style serial novel entitled Queen of the Iron Sands, published in weekly installments.

Lynch has also plans for another book, unrelated to the Gentleman Bastard sequence: an urban fantasy entitled The Conscience of the Storm.


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