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Future titles discussed

As previously stated in a video interview, Scott Lynch is considering changing the title of the 6th installment of his series, provisionally titled The Mage and the Master Spy. In a recent post on Tumblr, Scott confirmed that the 5th and 7th titles are set in stone, but that he is growing unhappy (and so is his girlfriend, fellow author-extraordinaire, Elizabeth Bear) with the 6th title. Let’s wait and see!

Tidbits about upcoming books, canon, etc

Scott went on a question-answering rampage on his tumblr account–to our greatest delight! Here is a list of discussed topics:
– Don Salvara’s feud
– Therin calendar (question by yours truly)
medicine and remedies
– returning characters here and here
– “coming attractions” (mild spoilers)
– pronunciation of “Sabetha” and “Jean

Tidbits about the last flashbacks

Scott has answered a question concerning Father Chains’ death and the last flashbacks of the Gentleman Bastard sequence. It is very slightly “spoilerific.” Don’t read on if you do not want to know.



The last major section of flashback sequences will cover the aftermath of the return from Espara, the transition to adulthood for the Bastards, the loss of Chains and the passing of authority, and disagreements about that passing of authority. This should all take place in The Ministry of Necessity, leaving books 6 and 7 in the sequence to be almost entirely dedicated to forward motion, plotwise.