Gollancz announces The Thorn of Emberlain for September 2016 [updated]

Scott Lynch’s British publisher, Gollancz, has announced that the release of the next installment of the Gentleman Bastard Sequence, The Thorn of Emberlain, has been moved to September 2016 to coincide with the author’s appearance as a Guest of Honor at Fantasycon-by-the-Sea (September 23-25, 2016). We do not know the exact release date yet but the pre-order page on Orion announces September 22nd. Stay tuned!

Update: September has been confirmed by Scott!

12 thoughts on “Gollancz announces The Thorn of Emberlain for September 2016 [updated]”

  1. As an avid fan who got hooked on the audiobook adaption, I got to ask. How long after the novel release does the audiobook follow?

      1. That’s reasonable. Thank you very much. Michael Page is a bloody wizard with those accents. The most entertaining audiobook I’ve listened to 🙂

  2. I love these books and I think Lynch is a great author.

    The constant changes in release schedule are just terrible, though. And Thorn of Emberlain is just the latest victim. RSuRS had a similar fate.

    I understand that art can’t be rushed (and Lynch’s books truly are art), but books are also an industry, a business. And if ToE (as the latest example) gets pushed back from originally “late 2014” to September 2016 then somebody isn’t doing their job.

    1. Marcel, as you may know Scott has had several difficult years because of personal and health issues. He’s been quite open about it (and he deserves a lot of credit for this). Fortunately, he seems to be doing a lot better! The best thing we can do is showing support. But I do understand that you’re impatient to read the next installment! We only have a couple of months to wait: the release is scheduled for September 22nd.

  3. Yay! September will be here soon! Thanks for the update.

    Although I’m giddy with excitement for any new installment in this series, Scott’s health is more important. Take as much time as you need to craft these tales and I’ll enjoy them when they’re available.

  4. Why doesn’t Amazon have the publish date, if it’s real? Also, if it was real, wouldn’t pre-orders be being taken?

    1. Amazon.co.uk does announce September 22nd as the publishing date. And September was confirmed by the UK publisher and Scott himself.
      I am also a bit confused as to why Amazon.com is not taking any pre-orders….

  5. I also love the narration of the books. Glad to hear that the release will be soon. Scott, you are the best!

  6. I’ve already listened to these books 3-4 times. As someone who listens to books all the time, I must say I always circle back to this series and the time always flies by. I know game of thrones has made it huge and I’m happy because I loved those books, but I think these books could also gain a larger cult following if done right. I often feel it’s an injustice that people to read/listen to more books. There are so many incredible writers and stories out there that will never make it to movie form, thus people won’t get to be taken on such incredible adventures. But of all the books I’ve read, I’d say Locke is top 5 best characters right there with Kovthe, Kelsier, and Jon Snow.

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