News from Scott: Thorn of Emberlain update and take action!

Scott Lynch has recently answered several questions from readers on his Tumblr account. One of the posts concerns the status of The Thorn of Emberlain:

THORN needs an ending written (the ending is outlined in depth, just not yet written) and some targeted rewrites in three or four specific areas, based on vexing but extremely astute criticism from my agent, my genius wife, and a trusted friend. This is my primary job for December.

I’ll let you check out the other posts concerning various actions.

63 thoughts on “News from Scott: Thorn of Emberlain update and take action!”

  1. “THORN needs an ending written (the ending is outlined in depth, just not yet written).” The rational part of my brain is screaming it is just a book; the fanboy part is seething. Why did they advertise this book without an ending? This has been and still is my argument, it is bad business and disingenuous to promote a product on multiple occasions without an intention to deliver.

    1. Can you recommend any books while we are waiting? I’m willing to wait as long as I need to for your next book, but I’m running out of books to read. Any direction would be appreciated. Lies still ranks up as one of my all time favorites and each following book holds true!

      1. Check out Brandon Sanderson, Mist Born series. He also has a two book new series called Stormlight. Both are series amazing. Once you finish Stormlight 2, you’ll have to wait a year at least for Stormlight 3….sigh.

      2. Go and read the Memory, Sorrow, thorn trilogy by Tad Williams. I cannot recommend this books enough. It is wonderful sprawling epic and a definite fantasy literature classic. Tad Williams best work to date. Other recommendations are.
        1. The farseer trilogy – Robin hobb
        2. The Night Angel trilogy – Brent Weeks
        3. A trial of fire and steel – Joel Shepherd
        4. Furies of calderon – Jim Butcher.
        5. Mistborn trilogy – Brandon Sanderson
        And finally the witcher books by andrej sapkowski this should keep you busy for a while.

      3. The Cycle of Arawn & The Cycle of Galand by Edward W. Robertson. The main characters of the two trilogies remind me of Locke & Jean. I’m just finishing the 3rd book in The Cycle of Arawn, but I’ve already purchased (pre-ordered #3) all 3 books in The Cycle of Galand.

      4. I’ve really Marshall Ryan Maresca’s books– especially THE HOLVER ALLEY CREW, which is a low-fantasy heist/caper book. His Maradaine books, THE THORN OF DENTONHILL and THE ALCHEMY OF CHAOS are excellent as well.

        1. No!!! That is asking for frustration. Do not join the rest of us rothfuss fans waiting for him to complete his work.

    2. Scott, as much as I want to be an impatient imp and tell you how I loath waiting, I thank you for taking your time to write another epic adventure I will undoubtedly read in one sitting!

  2. I am waiting for this as much as anyone. But for me this is good news.I would rather wait another year or two for a book 4 that you are satisfied with, than something rushed or churned out. Fair play to you to have the guts to say to the publishers and everyone ‘no, it’s not ready I’m not happy’. Standards are good.

    1. Really, though, I don’t know that the delay fits the virtuous description you’ve provided. Based on the previous posts, it seems as though he just let his commitments suffer because he couldn’t balance his work and personal lives like every other adult has to. I mean, it’s not like nobody else has ever had to work while organizing a move or planning a wedding before. Hell, one presumes that a man who has sold hundreds of thousands of books – probably a couple of million by now – and has sold movie rights to those books would be able to afford to pay someone to help out with these tasks. I’m under no delusions that the man is filthy rich, but he could probably pay movers and a wedding planner.

      I try to be pretty forgiving of authors. He had no obligation to provide the world with this series in the first place, but he did it anyway. If the book was delayed because he had writer’s block, fine. If he needed more time to get it right, take the time you need. If there are health issues that need to be dealt with like there were between Books 2 and 3, I completely understand. What I don’t like is when I see a project delayed multiple times and the excuse given wouldn’t fly in most any other line of work. I don’t like when a project is delayed and the author is still going to every tiny convention in the land instead of working on the book (Rothfuss does this, too). I get that you can’t write all day every day, but when you’ve made a commitment to people, such small things shouldn’t keep you from following through.

      1. Yeah, but this is creative type work. I do a technical job and I agree that deadlines are important. We can set deadlines because in a technical job its about getting it done right and doing it in time, enacting the series of mechanical motions that produce the final product.

        Writing is much more creative and I believe we need to give time and space to authors so that they can produce a work of art, not just mechanically churn out pages to meet deadlines.

      2. Aaron, unless you are an author yourself you have not the tiniest idea of what a monumental undertaking it is to write a novel, especially one in a series!
        That you post such disrespectful regard for an author displays to the world your own selfish nature & hunger for the continued story is no excuse. It is obvious that you care nothing for the story’s creative master.
        The sense of “entitlement” you display should embarrass you.

        1. Except it is common practice for writers to ‘sit’ on their novels for a while and let them ferment before releasing the next book in the series.
          Very rarely does it have to do with the difficulty of writing a book, which I’m certainly not disputing, but rather making or milking, and rightly so, the most out of it since it’s a business like everything else.
          I’m sure there are plenty of writers, like M.J. Sullivan for example who states as much himself, that have full series written before they even start releasing. Yet these writers still wait a certain amount of before releasing the next book in the series.

          So these delays to make sure the book is held to the highest standard might just be a marketing stunt for all we know. I am in no way saying that this is the case of course, nor do I care if it is honestly. I’m just saying you people don’t need to always get so defensive and judgmental of those critiquing the author for not producing books in the expected time frame, since it’s quite usually delayed deliberately.

          The thing that annoys me is not the long wait between books. Heck, anyone has the full right to just give up on a series if they’re so inclined and not contractually obligated. But don’t put out a release date, even a tentative one, if you’re not certain you can’t follow trough on your commitment. That’s disrespectful. And yes, I know it is creative work. I understand it can take time, and honestly that’s not an excuse as creative writing is not limited to a single profession . So in this regards, the authors are the ones who are a tiny bit entitled.

      3. I don’t feel like an author has “made a commitment to people” when they write for their enjoyment and others. It’s THEIR story, they chose to write it, they can stop whenever and start something else. Be grateful it exists man.

        1. That’s where you are wrong. If he didn’t want a commitment, he should have never signed a contract. It stopped being his story when he shared it for profit.

          1. Even if one agrees with that, the contract would be between him and his publisher, not between him and entitled assholes

          2. I agree. The worst thing an author can do is give me a story to love and just leave me hanging without an ending.

      4. I totally agree with you expecially about rothfuss that POS asks people for donations all the time to work on his book and he goes to every convention under the sun never working on his book only taking about table top and his stupid children’s book over and over again.

    2. Well said!!! I am SO excited for this book and want to wait as long as it takes to be just as amazed and in love as I was with the previous books!

      1. Exactly! Haha too bad we are still waiting on #3 there as well! What will we do with ourselves in the meantime!

  3. Been waiting for this just like everyone else. I too agree this update kind of annoys me. I would have assumed there was an ending already written since there have been 2 different publication dates listed now. To find out we are still that far off from getting this released is a disappointment.

  4. I think the most annoying thing about this farce (in my opinion that’s what it’s turning in to!) is the fact that it’s been advertised for so long now … and random release dates announced just to keep us interested.

    Not to go into any amount of detail, I’m facing a cancer battle and the prognosis is worsening as the months roll by … (I don’t write this to shock but the book is on my bucket list!) … now will I get to read this book before the inevitable happens or shall I leave a note in my will to have a copy delivered to the grave?!

    I know the ending of my own story is coming up – or maybe I’ll postpone it …

  5. Man, you all need to chill. The artistic process doesn’t work the same way it does in other contexts. You can’t just force things. And if you have lots of distractions (like moving, getting married, etc), you can’t just snap your fingers and “buckle down” to get work done. It doesn’t work like that.

    Scott, take your time and get it right. Ignore the critics.

  6. Matt – “buckle down” – it’s 3 years and 2 months since the last book was published – I wish I was as chilled as you!

    1. @ David,

      We had to wait 6 years between book 2 & 3. Honestly, at this point, I’m just grateful that Mr. Lynch is still writing them and continuing the series. For a while there I was worried that book 3 was going to end up being the last one. This series & world he’s created is so phenomenal, in my opinion, that as long as it continues I’ll do my best to be patient.

  7. By the way – just for the record, I’m a huge fan of the series – every page brings to life a world one can only dream of creating – I’m just getting impatient because of my personal circumstances – my intention with my comments was to share an observation and not cause offence.

  8. I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time, I also have absolutely no issues with waiting longer. Writing isn’t an easy job, even when everything is going right and the words are flowing that’s only the first draft. Rewrites, edits, alterations and adjustments take a lot of time, especially with Mr. Lynch’s style. For books as amazing as his I am willing to wait as long as necessary without complaint.
    For anyone who is pissed over the delays I honestly challenge you. Write a novel, make it intriguing, where the reader is fascinated by the world and the main characters. Have a story so compelling that the reader doesn’t want to put the book down until the very end. When you’ve done that and seen the amount of time and effort put into it please realize that your average novel is 55, 000 – 90, 000 words long while Mr. Lynch’s are an average of 200, 000. That is 2 – 3.5 average book lengths.

  9. I love this series so much, I’ll wait as long as it takes tbh. I’ve already gotten used to waiting for slow updates, so I guess that’s why I’m not as bothered that this will take longer than expected? I mean, I reeeeally want to get mu hands on Thorn of Emberlain as soon as possible,but I’d rather wait another year for it than getting it sooner and have the feeling like the ending was rushed. I’m also realy happy for the author with his marriage, especially since I’m the kind of person who always reads the dedicatory and acknowledgements, and “Bear” is always mentioned xD

  10. I loved the Gentlemen Bastard books just as much if not more than all you impatient commenters (except for the one with cancer – sorry man). That being said, I’m not at all impatient for the next book. I’m fine waiting 5-10 or whatever it takes. Why? There are so many other amazing books I’m listening to (audible reader). FORGET about the release date until you see it up for sale then casually buy it. I’m here on this site because I check in from time to time to see if it’s out yet. I won’t check back again until 2018 sometime.

  11. Hey all, I’m somewhat annoyed with this further delay, I get what a lot of people have said about the artistic process, but would like to counter that some of the great literary masterpieces were written to much tighter deadlines. An example would be Dumas’ Count of Monte Cristo, which had chapters written daily for the newspaper it was first published in. My other point is that if there is no ending by December 2016 why were we given a release date back in 2015. I appreciate Lynch’s work and world, but show your fans some respect and be honest with us!

  12. If waiting 4 years is what it takes to make the book better than Republic of Thieves, consider me on board. Perhaps I’m in the minority, but I thought RoT was incredibly lackluster and felt like the black sheep from the other 2 books. That being said, I’m anxiously awaiting Thorn of Emberlain, whenever Scott decides it’s finished.

  13. While I do wish that the 4th book comes out soon, I do agree that I would rather read a well-written story than one hastily ended to meet a deadline, or, even readers’ demands/entreaties. Sometimes patience IS rewarded (lord of the rings, the dark tower…).

    On a different note, when does Locke get to win? At the end of the books, he always has his victories snatched from right under him. Is it wrong to want him to have a clean getaway sometimes? I hope I don’t have to wait until the 7th book…

  14. George RR, Patrick Roth and Scott Lynch need to take some notes from Brandon Sanderson and Steven Erickson. Scott’s actually fine 5 years is the most it should take thou. If it takes longer than that I feel the author didn’t really have the scope for a series, they started a good book and then couldn’t build on them. Just like RR Martin! He’s released like 4 books since ADWD, done a whole bunch of appearances and promotes TWOW like he’s almost done. we are still waiting on TWOW meanwhile 7 seasons have been released of the show, passed the storyline and kinda ruined the books. I’m just saying George had a shot at quite possibly the best epic fantasy series ever and he squandered it with movie/tv and delays lol. Scott don’t you do it too.

  15. I mean Robert Jordan died and still finished a 14 book series in less time than George has completed 6 books. I know everyone’s process is different but there comes a time when as an artist you have to suck it up and trudge through. The endings done it just needs to be written. Cmon man that’s some BS otherwise it would be done. Don’t release BS dates and don’t talk about what is finished but not yet written. That’s how you make your fans disinterested. Amazing series I’m looking forward to this and the next stormlight archive book a lot!!

  16. People here are acting like he just didn’t write it and played XBOX instead.

    Sounds very much to me like he did write it, people pointed out some plot flaws and now he has to do it again.

    You’ll be glad you waited i’m sure …afterall what other option do you have

  17. I’m not sure if you’re still reading these, or if you’ve chosen wisely and ignored them. If you do see this though, I just want to say thank you for continuing to write the Gentlemen Bastards, and I’m happy to wait as long as needed for what will hopefully be an amazing story. Also, the world and the characters you’ve created and continued to expound upon have just been incredible. I love the way you write and (usually) the way you storytell (who doesn’t like emotional rollercoasters? haha).

    Just please don’t discontinue the series, as that would be heartbreaking. Now go kick some ass for your faithful fans!

  18. I know it not your falt . I have read your reasons and there good ones just please don’t go the way of Patrick Rothfuss and get so bizzy being praised. For the things you have already finished you stop rembering there are people out there that need your wrighting. People that check weekly for an up date and people that if it takes to long will forget about you your work and grate writing . we will just move on . p.s. love your work no presser and if you see P.R kick him, dump cold water on his head and tell him he,s not that grate …. Get back to work

  19. Lynch posted on Tumblr that he would have updates at the end of the month. The self-imposed deadline came and went. This was and still is my problem with the author – bait and switch.

  20. There are several older authors that have finished series that are still good reads off you need something to read while waiting…….
    Check out
    David Eddings (young adult based but still good)
    Raymond Fiest
    Robert Jordan
    Russell Kirkpatrick
    R.A. Salvador
    Piers Anthony
    Hickman and weis (And a lot of the dragon lance novels are well written)
    Even Christopher Paolini’s series that started with “Eragon” turned out really well even tho he took forever to finish it
    I even read the twilight series cause my daughter was so sucked in and you could see the author grow as the books went on…..i don’t suggest those in particular but the book she wrote after…. “the host” was a good read with an intriguing premise.
    I’m happy to have seen some new names in the comments and will be checking those out!
    And Scott……. take your time and get it right but if you do write more hold off on stating a release date until its actually ready to be published…….. we won’t mind if its only 3 weeks notice. You have a great style and i can’t wait for more. I have introduced several of my “reading friends” to your novels!
    Best of luck in all of your adventures!

  21. Based on the current progress and the delays pattern i predict book 4 will be released december 2018. Book 5 december 2030. Book 6 december 2045. Book 7 december 2060. Be grateful at least it will be released and if you not alive when all the books completed, you grandchildren can read it. The author dont have obligations to write book for us. We can spend our money elsewhere. There are many great author out there who put out books every 2 years and complete their series. Please remove the following authors from your anticipated authors list:

    Patrick Rothfus.

    I removed them from my list and i live happily since.

    1. Other authors and books you can check. All have badass characters:

      Taran Matharu
      Draconis Memoria – Anthony Ryan
      Ryria – Michael J Sullivan
      KDT – Kel Kade
      Rogues of The Republic – Jeff Wheeler
      Ketty Jay – Chris Wooding
      Enginner – KJ Parker
      Scavenger – KJ Parker
      Acts of Caine – Matthew Woodring Stover
      Daniel Blackland – Greg Van Eekhout
      Unhewn Throne – Brian Stavely
      Son of the black sword – Larry Coreia
      Victor Deus – Brent Lee Markee
      Grim Company – Luke SCull
      Jack – F Paul Wilson
      Weapon of Flesh – Chris A. Jackson
      Society of the Sword – Duncan M. Hamilton
      left hand of god – Paul Hoffman
      Sorcery Ascendant – Mitchell Hogan
      Sorcerer’s Path – Brock E. Deskins
      Traveler’s Gate – Will Wight
      Cradle – Will Wight
      Storm own son – Anthony Gillis
      Greatcoats – Sebastien De Castell
      Moontide Quartet – David Hair
      Hellequin – Steve McHugh
      Oversight – Charlie Fletcher
      Dustwalker – Jay Posey
      The Vagrant – Peter Newman
      Red Sister – Mark Lawrence
      Demon Squad – Tim Marquitz
      Markhat Files – Frank Tuttle
      Licanius – James Islington
      Spellscribed – Christopher Cruz

      1. You, Sir, are an absolute saint. I have been struggling to find reading material recently, and having read 5 titles down your list have already downloaded 6 (found an interesting author from the suggested section in my kindle) samples to try out. I’m screen shorting your list, as you seem to have the same taste in books as I!

        On a related note, have you read Chronicles of the Black Company by Glen Cook? One of my favourite series 🙂

  22. Would just like for them to not give us a time frame over and over again to get our hopes up only to shit all over us. Would be very happy with monthly updates on where you are in the writing process.

    Example, just finished writing chapter 32 this week and now im reviewing it. Stuff like that doesn’t need to be long just so we know its in progress not wondering on whats going on.

    1. Steven this story is actually pretty good!!! I’m not an expert but it appears well written for a draft, needs a proper read through from a proofreader. I would love to see what other people think of it, especially from people more qualified to comment than me.

  23. So 8 months later and no word. Just needed to write the “already finished” ending, and clean up a few rewrites. Hhmm, I smell B.S. Oh and where is Scott now? Europe! He has time to tweet, and travel, and go to cons, but no time to finish the book? We’ve been had.

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