Scott Lynch talks about The Thorn of Emberlain, writing, world-building, and more

Last month, the Helsinki Times caught up with author Scott Lynch at WorldCon 75. Concerning progress on the much awaited Thorn of Emberlain the author stated:

My wife and I will have an uninterrupted 2 month period after we go home, during which I basically hope to get the book turned in, and then we can begin setting a firmer schedule for its publication. For the most part I’m very pleased with it. I’m pretty sure that I can fix the stuff that I’m not pleased about in the next 8 weeks or so.

We also learn a bit more concerning the plot and main characters.

53 thoughts on “Scott Lynch talks about The Thorn of Emberlain, writing, world-building, and more”

  1. Interview take away – An unfinished novel has been promoted and advertised multiple times for a couple of years with assurances from the author, but this time, this time is legit.

  2. Take your time Bro. I would rather a good book than one that’s been rushed. Not to mention if you rush it and burn yourself out I get no books. Take care of yourself. And when it’s ready we will be here ready to read it for you 😉

    1. I’m with this guy! Good writing is hard work and while I’m positively itching to read more it’s not as if I’ve tired of the first three books. I’m listening to the audio book of Lies right now and it’s fabulous. Highly recommend it. The reader is excellent and definitely does it justice.

    2. Yes! …patiently waiting. A good story can’t be rushed. Don’t be pressured into giving a time. Good things come to those who wait.

    3. Writing a book for 10 years is not rushing it is lazy and irresponsible same as that shameless grrm. When you write a series book, you put urself im an obligation no matter what peope said about it. If you cannot just let it died so people can just move on without a false promise. Man up and finish it like everybody else. Everybody got problem or get married, but cab still finish their book if they have perserverance. Please just announce to the world that you give up your book instead at keep delaying on and on endlessly. I dun care what will people reply about my comment but i still want to say you and grrm, you both sucks, big time. You should just stay home and continue living not as author instead of going to convention like you are a big writer. If i were you i will be ashamed to show my face in public. Between you and Sanderson its like comparing a God and an ants.

      1. If he rushed the book (as you want him to) we might end up with something like the typo and spelling error-laden mess that was your post. Why am I not surprised that someone who can’t even be bothered to take the appropriate amount of time to proofread a one-paragraph comment expects an author to write an entire novel at the pace he demands? Someone like you doesn’t deserve to read the works of Lynch or Sanderson, let alone compare them. Perhaps you should attempt to write one successful and error-free sentence before judging the work of someone with three successful novels. Such entitlement. Just sad.

      2. Oh eff off.
        You don’t get to make demands of people or tell them how to live their life no matter how much you supposedly like their work. Little cry baby.

      3. Based on your writing ability, I’m guessing you don’t know much about the art of writing. If you do think you know the craft better than others though, feel free to publish your own masterwork. We’ll wait with baited breath, I’m sure.

  3. Keep up the great work, Scott! I’m so excited for this book, and I’m sure we’d all rather have the story you want it to be than just a book that works best with some publisher’s schedule. Congrats on the marriage and the move-in, too!

  4. My brother let me borrow the first of this series before he passed away. I never got to read it while he was alive and I regret not being able to discuss it with him because they are that good. But I enjoy it twice as much because he loved the whole series and I can feel closer to him just by reading these books. They’re an incredible read and I eagerly await the release of the next in the series. I know he would too.

    1. My condolences for your brother’s passing. I’ve discovered this series a few years back, entirely by accident. I’ve since reread it, and listened to it on audiobook many times. And it may just be my second favorite book series of all time. I’ve since tried to get some of my friends to read it so I can discuss it with them. But I’ve convinced more or less none of them to take the proverbial literary leap.

      On that note, if you’re looking for someone to discuss the books with, I’d be delighted to reciprocate. I’ve yet to scratch that itch.

      1. As another commenter says, and I’m paraphrasing here…I’d rather wait for a good book than read a book that’s been rushed. But damn it, just like with Patrick Rothfuss and Justin Cronin’s amazing literary genius creations, it’s bloody well killing me to have to wait so long for the next installment of The GB’s!
        I have been fortunate to discover Nelson Demille’s “John Corey” novels, Joe Abercrombie’s series, the Outlander series and many, many other great works but Scott Lynch, Patrick Rothfuss and Justin Cronin have given something special to us fantasy lovers that really impacted us in a new way.
        I continue to purchase new books, sometimes several a week, to devour whilst keeping alert for news about these 3 incredible authors next releases. There are undiscovered gems out there and I endeavour to find them, much to my wife’s dismay and Audibles joy. I’d love to pass on a list of my favorites to anyone interested.

          1. Fatemarked series by David Estes. Kind of a watered down GOT with a plethora of story lines but easy enough to keep up with

          2. I’d suggest the “Blood & Steel” series by joel shephard fantastic series I found shortly after finishing wheel of time, since reread it 3 times😝

          3. Anything by Robin Hobb. She is a talented and prolific writer. She churns out winners over and over. Each series with new characters, cultures, societies, creatures and worlds added, layered, developed and woven together so that the discovery is addictive.

        1. I would love to partake in that list if you would be kind enough to share it. I just started delving into this genre and I can’t stop reading more. Any recommendations would be really appreciated!

          1. Some suggestions:
            Judith Tarr’s Avaryan series
            (Every one of her books is a delight…I love her historical fiction, etc. But Avaryan is a good place to start.)
            Jaqueline Carey’s Kushiel series is pure genius and an utter delight.
            Elizabeth Moon’s Deed of Paksenarrion is an oldie but goodie.
            Any or all of those should keep you busy and happy for a while. 🙂

  5. I’ll wait however long it takes for this book, but I do hope that for the next book Lynch takes better care to not make announcements and promises that he can’t follow up on. That’s the only thing that really bothers me.

    1. My thoughts exactly. I know he’ll do a great job and write up another gem if he takes his time, but we’re hyped enough as is. I blame Gollancz in part, as they probably pushed for rushed updates and releasing the cover and whatnot.

      Let’s not do that again, please. Scott’s a great dude, would hate to see an army of pointed fingers aimed at him as they do to R.R. Martin.

  6. My favorite historie!
    I’m Very excited waiting for the New book. Im tring to convince all my friends and familie to read the gentlemen bastards. Soon all Brazilians Will be waiting for the end of the Lamora’s historie.

  7. These comments sound like all Mr Lynch’s friends got together and wrote favorably about his misgivings. I’m sure Mr Lynch is s wonderful guy. I know he’s talented, but with that he rather takes his fans for granted. 7 years per book with multiple release dates that never come to fruition seems a little ridiculous to me. I waited 7 years for the last book and the last 3-4 chapters seemed thrown together. It feels Mr Lynch has forgotten the fans are why he enjoys the fame he has. Very disappointed, but what do I matter? I just buy the books.

    1. “7 years per book …” [um, OK, let’s apply some simple addition here.]
      You’ve been waiting seven years between each book to read the sequels? Bro, why would you do that to yourself? It was only one year between Lies of Locke Lamora and Red Seas Under Red Skies, and then only six years until The Republic of Thieves [so let’s count—that would be THREE BOOKS in 7 years, not one].
      And The Republic of Thieves was only published four years ago. You poor soul! Does that mean you’re still waiting until 2020 to read The Republic of Thieves?? XD

      1. Hyperbole aside, he’s not wrong. The man has issues with timely delivery. And yes he’s the author and he can write at whatever pace he likes, but let’s not pretend extended time between novels can’t have consequences.

      2. Yes my friend, even with the way you averaged out the releases, the amount of time is still ridiculous. Yes, I think a book every 3-5 years, no matter how you look at it is ridiculous. Furthermore, Mr Lynch and HIS people set the realease dates not me. And friend, I get the feeling you have a personal interest in Mr. Lynch and/or this book. I don’t know why, but I get a strong feeling you are providing damage control.

  8. I love the series. Because of my surname most every person I meet at conventions and on fantasy forums asks me if I have read the series. I have, it’s great. It’s surreal at times as my best friends are a large teddy bear of a man and twin brothers. As well my wife’s name is Samantha. I can’t wait for the next book, but At the same time, for quality I can.

  9. I probably reread the first book (The Lies of Locke Lamora every year). Not only, in my opinion, is it the best thing Mr. Lynch has written, but it is a complete, stand alone novel that doesn’t end with a “stay tuned for next week”. I try to pretend the rest of the series does not exist until it actually does come out. I check back on this page occasionly, but I am never too upset with the delay because there are so many other amazing authors the release books in a timely manner. My favorite series is Malazan and it has two authors writing it, so there is a book that comes out every year. Pierce Brown is also dependable, Brandon Sanderson etc. If you want something really different try Ken Liu’s Dandelion trilogy: the third book will end trilogy and be out this year. What could be my favorite new series is Brian Durfee’s projected 5 book series starting with The Forgetting Moon. Only the first is out with the second coming in June or July. He is under contract for one book coming out every 18 months and takes that commitment very seriously.

  10. A long wait indeed. I understand the creative process. However, let’s not forget the girl you brought to the dance. Maybe skip a convention or two. Perhaps not tour foreign countries, why was Mr. Lynch in Helsinki anyway?

    George RR has done so much else off the back of AGOT that his books are an afterthought and any update on said is laughable at this point. Except he’s famous, and doing all this other stuff because of the books. I fear Lynch is heading down this road.

  11. Who cares what he is doing in Helsinki! mind your own damn business people! I have listened/read the books 7 or 8 times now at least. I still enjoy it every single damn time. This is his life, and his book series, to be perfectly honest what even entitles us to his last book? so what if it goes unfinished and he never gets to publish, it wont stop me from absolutely loving the first 3, wishing him the best, and thank him for being able to take me on such a magical journey. so, Thank you Scott Lynch! and on behalf of several of your die hard fans we wish you the best in all your endeavors and in all things!

  12. If his Twitter feed is accurate, Lynch is still writing the book, but this time crowd sourcing character development. At least there seems to be progress

  13. I’d rather not wait for Scott to inevitably die before he finishes the Gentleman Bastards series. It’s obvious that he isn’t cut out for a 10 book series because schedules illude him, and I hope he cuts it short and concludes it after “The Thorn of Emberlain.”
    Unhappy and end of schedule=Delay.
    Moved = Delay.
    Relationship=Married = Delayed.
    Future excuses = Children = +5-10 Year delay incomming.
    Life= Delay.

  14. Lost interest at this point – maybe i’ll pick it up 20 years from now when he’s almost done writing the 5th one.

  15. I got turned onto this series a few years ago, I think the 3rd one was just coming out when I found it. I read the first one and immediately grabbed the next two. I seriously cannot wait for the 4th. I’ll be at the door buying it no matter when it gets released. Probably one of the top 5 series on my list.

    1. > I seriously cannot wait for the 4th.

      That should read: “I cannot do anything BUT wait for the 4th.”

      > I’ll be at the door buying it no matter when it gets released.

      Correction: “I’ll be at Death’s Door by the time it gets released.”

      > Probably one of the top 5 series on my list.

      “Definitely one of the things on my Bucket List.”

      There. Fixed it for you.

  16. Did you retire and are simply touring cons and Europe? Have you lost your mind? Is your writing exclusive to Twitter? Wtf man, you’re a mess. I gave up on this awhile ago. A shame for such a promising series to die because of a falsely bloated ego.

  17. He’s totally Lost The Plot . . . er, so to speak. Why, I remember when we were young, Authors would actually *write* things, and we would go down to the local Bookstore (uphill, both ways) and there would be *new* books by these Authors, and we would READ them, instead of having some damned voice-actor or Peter Coyote read them to us over some satanic new-fangled machine. And we were damned glad of it, I can tell you! Back in the old days, when ‘authors’ had to actually WRITE to make a living.

    — Stephen King

  18. I’ve been seeing a lot of people making disrespectful and blatantly mean-spirited remarks about Mr. Lynch and his writing lately, so I wanted to take a moment to make this comment. Reign it in, folks; authors are people, just like anyone, and unless you’ve suddenly become a best-selling author with your very first major foray into the publishing world, you have no foundation upon which to base your criticism.

    Mr. Lynch, if you should chance to read this, I just wanted you to know that I greatly enjoy your work. When The Thorn Of Emberlain is ready to ready, I’ll be there with eager eyes. However, if you need to take a break from the piece, I recommend doing so; perhaps a literary palate cleanser of sorts is in order? It couldn’t hurt to take a writerly vacation away from Locke and Jean, spend some time in other parts of your world, or even outside the Gentlemen Bastards world entirely. Regardless, I wish you and your family well, and I look forward to reading your next work–whatever that may be.

    1. He’s been taking palate cleansers by working on, and getting published, two short or three short stories since Republic of Thieves. I refuse to defend these authors who, for whatever reason, do not finish the installments that their fans want. Neither do I comdemn as well. I just check back occasionally and hope that there will be news. If not there are always a lot of other fantastic books to read. I am currently reading the Otherland series and having a lot of fun with it. The series is finished too which is always nice!

  19. A writer, as any artist, can and should write when they want and how they want and the rest of everyone should just shut up. GRRM is delaying the next book, by agreement, with HBO so his book does not take away from the HBO series: that is business and business people are not artists, they are just making money. GRRM has probably sold his soul. Scott is doing just fine the way he is. I don’t compare him to anyone else. Is nice to have some news from the author on the eaglerly awaited next volume in this great series.

  20. “He’s been taking palate cleansers by working on, and getting published, two short or three short stories since Republic of Thieves. I refuse to defend these authors who, for whatever reason, do not finish the installments that their fans want. Neither do I comdemn as well. ”

    While I agree with this sentiment, I think it’s bad form for this information to be nestled away in the comments section on a post over a year old, and to come solely from a third party.

    In short, breaks are fine – but why not put up a quick commentary to that effect? This site still lists 2018 as a probable release date for the next book — I suspect that’s not a realistic probability at this stage, no? Seems Scott has turned his back on his fans, which is peculiar.

    All that said, I’m not inclined to get angry or out of sorts over such things. I’m just disappointed.

  21. Dear Mr. Lynch,
    it is probably naive to assume, that you read this, still i’d like to congratulate you on the wonderful world you created. I loved diving into it and will do so again once the next installment is released and with any further ones that might be coming. I realize Qualität like this takes time, but please do not announce release dates that you cannot keep. Waiting for long periods of time is part of the deal with an ongoing series, but sitting through disappointment after disappointment without having read a single new page is not. So take as long as you need, but dont announce anything until it is actually ready.
    I wish you luck in all your endeavors,
    a devoted fan

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