Short story by Scott Lynch to be published in new anthology

It is now official: GRR Martin has announced the release on October 10, 2017 of a new anthology entitled The Book of Swords featuring a short story “The Smoke of Gold is Glory” by Scott Lynch, along with contributions by many other writers including GRR Martin himself and Elizabeth Bear.

One thought on “Short story by Scott Lynch to be published in new anthology”

  1. So I read the story and thought it was probably the best story in the entire collection! It’s set in a world seperate than anything he has ever done (to my knowledge at least). I also thought he had the best story in Rogues (or at least tied with Abercrombie).

    I know some will be upset that this story took away time from gentlemen bastards, but whats done is done so might as well just enjoy this story. Other standouts include the ones by KJ Parker, Ken Liu, Daniel Abraham, and Mathew Hughes. I thought there was more good than bad with the collection.

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