6 thoughts on “Thorn of Emberlain map revealed [updated]”

  1. So, everything I’ve been hearing from Scott, the publisher, and bloggers is that Thorn of Emberlain is a lock (no pun intended) for September of this year. But it still isn’t available for preorder amazon U.S. This is quite unusual. Every other time I wanted to preorder a book it is up several months in advance. Does anyone know what’s going on?

    1. Quite frankly no. It is available for pre-order in the UK. There hasn’t been much promotional material either. Maybe it is related to Scott’s busy schedule for the summer (moving to a different state). Or maybe they want to keep it low-key.

  2. This from book blogger Adam Whitehead:

    Apparently Bantam hasn’t scheduled the book, and when they do it’ll appear online and the dates will be confirmed. No further info. That to me suggests that they weren’t able to clear a hole in the schedule at that short a notice (Gollancz only confirmed in May) and the US edition will come out a bit later than the British one. How much later is unknown: the US editions of LoLL and RSURS were about 1-2 months later each, IIRC but they were listed a lot earlier, so this might be a larger gap.

    One of the advantages of the UK market being smaller and more adaptable to change, and Gollancz having first call on publishing (Bantam only have the reprint rights, Gollancz are Scott’s primary publishers), but not much help to those who wanted the American edition ASAP.

  3. Suddenly, only Kindle is available on preorder from Amazon UK, and the book can no longer be found on the Gollancz website (www.orionbooks.co.uk). It is not a good sign.

  4. Yeah, this is why I did not reply earlier. I do not have any official news but the September 22nd release date is looking less and less likely…

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