Why Locke and Jean make the perfect Vadran couple

Testimony to the fact that Scott is deep into the crafting of The Thorn of Emberlain, he has been posting tidbits of background information concerning Vadran society and culture on his Tumblr account. Here is an fascinating excerpt from his post concerning Vadran sexuality and relationships:

The platonic ideal of the Vadran marriage is a partner gifted in arms and a partner gifted in subterfuge.

Other posts are concerned with Vadran martial training, social hierarchy, sartorial habits, and calendar.

3 thoughts on “Why Locke and Jean make the perfect Vadran couple”

  1. I’d prefer Jean for Locke over Sabetha. Their relationship is so finicky. Locke obsesses over her even though it doesn’t seem like they’ve actually been in a relationship that was more than platonic for a stretch longer than a year.

    1. Have to agree. Sabetha really grew on me by the end of the third book, but I sort of kept thinking “Locke, you’re awesome, you deserve a healthy relationship”, and obsessing over someone for so long without really having a chance to see how they’d grown…well I believe she herself accuses him of loving a reflection. I want them both to be happy, but it seems like their personalities have a tendency to clash in a lot of ways.

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